ση му ƒєєт - a harry potter/ginny weasley fanmix (art by burdge)

she is love - parachute (it was all the same, my pride and shame / and she puts me on my feet) | munich - the fray (hold my hand / and now you’re not alone) | love love love - of monsters and men (you love, love, love / when you know i can’t love you) | fire and rain - mat kearney (do you ever think about me? / do you ever call my name?) | safe and sound - capital cities (even if the sky is falling down / i know that we’ll be safe and sound) | this love [will be your downfall] - ellie goulding (who am i to choose the boy / that everyone adores?) | all this time - onerepublic (all this time / we were waiting for each other) | vanilla twilight - owl city (because when i think of you / i don’t feel so alone) | sweater weather - the neighborhood (inside this place is warm / outside it starts to storm) | smile - uncle kracker (completely unaware / nothing can compare) | gotta have you - the weepies (and i won’t be warm / til i’m lying in your arms)

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